Waste Management

Demolition projects can lead to an enormous amount of waste. The responsibility for removing waste falls on the owner’s shoulder, and not having the proper guidance could lead to severe penalties and damage to the environment. That’s where Salandria Environmental Managers come in.

We approach waste management efficiently. Working closely with our clients, we determine their needs, assess any waste handling challenges, and develop best-in-class solutions achieving up to 98% recycling and diversion from landfill. 

Solid Waste Management

We specialize in solid waste management, and characterization of waste for reuse including  drywall, wood, concrete, doors, windows, electrical and metal results in 98% diversion from landfill.  We follow all local, provincial, and federal environmental compliance regulations. Waste gets disposed of responsibly to licensed landfill, ensuring client peace of mind.

Chemical Waste Management

Adhering to the latest environmental compliance regulations, we offer full-service characterization, lab packing, preparation, transportation, disposal, and diversion application for chemical waste. We have the equipment and expertise to handle and remove any chemical waste situation.

Salandria Ltd. conducts all business activities and operations in an environmentally accountable manner. We are responsible, sensitive, and ethical when dealing with waste disposal activities. We segregate, separate, and reuse products found on construction sites. We are proud of are recycling record of 98% source reduction from landfills. The remaining 2% by-product gets sent to government approved disposal facilities.

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