Environment Remediation

Environmental Remediation

Salandria Ltd. has an impressive project portfolio, including high-profile remediation for public facilities, large-scale ground remediation, insitu and ex-situ projects, and many small to mid-sized soil remediation projects across Canada and the US. Our repeat clients, who represent most of our work, rely on Salandria’s environmental management process because of the extra value we deliver.

As recognized experts in developing cost-effective solutions for Environment Remediation:

·       We understand that each project is unique in its requirements.

·       We work closely with our clients to deliver a solution that transforms underused or old sites into assets that provide a positive return on investment.

·       We’ve built our expertise through countless remediation projects.

·       We have the knowledge and skills to help owners move forward with their development projects.

The Company focuses on providing comprehensive services within a rapidly changing regulatory framework to:

·       Solve environmental issues

·       Manage client risk

·       Use the latest technologies

·       Promote a Green Earth

We have completed many projects with demanding requirements and stringent deadlines:  

·       Soil Remediation, Ex-situ, and In-situ, as well as dig and dumps

·       Chemical disposal, including the removal of PCBs

·       Removal of underground and above ground storage tanks

·       Removal of asbestos, mold, and fungus

·       Microbiological decontamination

·       Multi-story deconstruction

Our services include:

·       Excavation and disposal of contaminated soils

·       UST and AST decommissioning and removal

·       Soil remediation

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