Salandria Ltd. Environmental Services has been actively engaged in the brownfield restoration business since 2000. Our expertise covers a full range of services including site excavation, complete soil and chemical management, building restoration/demolition, tank removal and specialty projects.

   Brownfield Remediation  

  Salandria Ltd works to restore properties that have Environemental Contamination/Hazards in order to make way for redevelopment.

   Soil Waste Management  

  Excavation, monitoring soil treatment, disposal using licensed environmental compliant services.  


   Chemical Waste Management  

  Full service characterization, lab packing, preparation, transportation, disposal, diversion application, using licensed environmental compliant services.  

   Tank Removal  

  UST/AST removal, full phase 3 cleanup, cost effective approach


   Building Restoration /Demolition  

  Interior and exterior demolition, removal of designated substances  

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